Unlike the secular youth gatherings, religious congregations are quite sensitive when it comes to selecting group activities. Once in a while, your church may organize biblical vacations that entail holding topical discussions and interacting. These get-together meetings provide a social platform for the members to strengthen their bond. In so doing, you will realize that games and other fun activities are very essential. So as to make the whole affair fun, it is preferable that you engage in outdoor activities. Here is a list of activities you may want to consider.


Quite an interesting game, paintball can be played indoors or outdoors depending on size and scale. You will love playing paintball in small groups, for purposes of competition. Just like all outdoor team games, paintball enhances the spirit of socializing as ideas are shared and borrowed from group members. You will enjoy many benefits while playing paintball. Foremost, paintball enhances physical activity. It is good for you as it will work up your otherwise rusting muscles. Secondly paintball enhances mental wellness as it is a mind-jogging game. Paintball makes you a good strategist as it involves thinking critically and making fast decisions. You can find everything you need to know at www.thepaintballprofessor.com to get started.

Tug Of War

Unlike other outdoor games, the tug of war is one game that is purely physical. Organize yourselves into a number of six-member teams. Get a big strong rope or belt. Either team will hold one end of the rope and pull after the coach blows the whistle, or gives any appropriate signal. The first team to cross over the mark set of the ground is the automatic loser. This game will be highly beneficial to you and your teammates as it enhances physical wellness and proper circulation of blood in the body.

Hide and Seek

You probably consider this a childhood game. Well, it is associated with children, but it is so much fun when played by older people. Unlike the children who can easily hide and run swiftly, adults find it to be a very tricky affair. Playing hide and seek outdoors is fun, especially when played in an open bushy area. You will gain a lot from playing the game. For instance, you will sharpen your wit and get your muscles warmed up.

Name That Tune!

While relaxing outdoors, you can divide yourselves into groups of four. Play some religious instrumental music from iTunes or any portable source. Have a member from each group and let the face-off begin. Play a tune and ask them to name it. The fun in this game is the fact that it engages your mind and jogs your memory.

Seated Basketball

This is one activity you will enjoy, especially because it entails both physical and mental effort. Divide the participants into two groups, and give everyone a seat. The chairs are then arranged in a certain formation that will enable the teammates pass the ball to one another with minimal or no interception from the opponents. The aim is to have the ball successfully placed in a laundry basket that is placed at a challenging position. This game is quite enjoyable as it jogs your wit, makes you a strategist and a good, swift decision maker.